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What is the BEST Color to Paint a Video Studio?


Want to know what color to paint your video studio?

I’m going to show you how to get the most out of your paint choice with the two best options and one paint color to rule them all.

And a twist!

Option one – Thunder Gray.

This color is really great at making sure that you have the customization of your video studio so you can set the mood with whatever color because it absorbs the light really well.

While this color looks professional on camera and it has a lot of great benefits if you are painting all the walls in your entire room, this color, it can feel a little heavy gloomy for working or for living, and so keep it to maybe one wall.

That wall is on camera.

Pro Tip! Choose a matte finish so that it reduces the reflection on your background.

And with that in mind, it also applies to option number two – Dark Royal Blue.

Ideally, you would paint it black, but nobody really wants to work or live in that environment.

So a better alternative is a deep royal blue that will give you a more homey feel while delivering the same results.

This option gives you a deeper saturation of the color.

It also creates more of a vignette look, which draws the eye of the viewer to the host.

And if you have a lot of light coming in from windows, it will really help.

Pro Tip! If you have the option, do not texture your walls and hide any scratches.

And now, the one color to rule them all.

If you don’t want to fiddle with RGB lights and you just want one color, no fuss, then a standard blue color is the way to go because it actually complements every single skin tone.

So which color are you going to buy?

Number one, two, or three? Leave a comment below.

I cannot wait to hear it.

Now, the background is just one piece of your studio.

There’s cameras, lights, microphones.

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You might be wondering about that twist I mentioned earlier.

Well, I got to come clean with you.

There is another option other than paint, and that is a paper backdrop roll that gives you the same results.

And in this video, I show you exactly how to install it in your studio.

Go check that out I’ll see you there.


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