Zoom Training - Live Streaming Pros
want to grab and *keep* attention of zoom attendees?

Step-by-Step trainings for Zoom Meetings, Webinars, or Virtual Events to skyrocket your results by SAVING TIME, increasing SHOW UP rates, and exploding ENGAGEMENT!


Turn Yawns into Yays! 


Master the tools within Zoom (that you didn’t even know existed) to increase attendee retention, add some FUN, and finally fall in love with Zoom!


Go BEYOND what Zoom has to offer so you can gain INSTANT Credibility and get MASSIVE engagement with Professional, STUNNING Zoom presentations!


Add graphics, overlays and animations by connecting Ecamm, OBS or vMix TO Zoom and get a clean, branded experience!

Ultimate Zoom Automation Robot

Learn exactly how Live Streaming Pros and other companies automate registration (of Zoom meetings, webinars or virtual events) and communication processes in order to reduce manual work, lower your time-costs, and allow you to breathe easier. Build your Automation Robot and let it work for you 24/7!

Pro video studio

Get the highest level of Professional looking video for Zoom! This in depth training covers Professional Cameras, lighting, mics and accessories. 


You’ll learn WHAT you need to buy and HOW to set it all up!

Move the slider to see what happens when you upgrade your quality... 😉

Zoom club

Get higher quality (1080p) from Zoom for LESS $$$! Zoom Club is for entrepreneurs looking to POWER UP your Zoom account features and SAVE MONEY!