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Emergency tree removal service in Marietta

Looking for the best tree service in Marietta GA? Well, good news: You’re in the right place! We’ve been taking down trees safely and efficiently since 1999, and there’s no one better equipped to handle your tree service needs.

Specialty tree extraction with zero damage to your lawn and landscape. That’s what we do.

And we do it the old fashioned way, with an experienced climber and a some precise decision making.

Your residential or commercial property is safe in our hands. We don’t use heavy equipment to fell your trees. We mean it when we say that we strive to offer the best Marietta tree service around!

We take ’em down one piece at a time, making sure there is no risk to your premises.

That’s why we’ve always done things the right way, from the get-go. We’re honest, trustworthy arborists that love serving our local community.

Give us a call and see why we’re the big, strong men that you want choppin’ your trees.

If you still aren’t convinced that we’re the top tree trimmers in Marietta, keep reading.

Below you’ll find out more about our history, our services, and the kind of people we are.

You’re going to love discovering more about why we are the best tree removal company in Marietta, GA.

You don’t want just any local tree services doing the job. You want #1. And that’s us.



Removing Trees and Grinding Stumps in Marietta, Georgia

stump grinding services in Marietta

Scaling Marietta trees to remove them isn’t just a job for us, it’s a passion. Each one is different and requires a unique approach to make sure it’s done properly.

You may have a big funky oak tree that is starting to grow toward your daughter’s bedroom on the second story of your home.

Maybe it’s a pesky pine that loves to shed it’s needles all over your new Mercedes-Benz in the driveway below.

Regardless of what species your tree is, you can rest assured that we’ve extracted one (or a thousand) of them before.

Maple, cedar, hickory… doesn’t matter. We’ve got the climbers on staff to take your tree limbs down one at a time so cleanly, you’ll swear they were abducted by aliens.

In reality, they were simply reduced to wood chips to be recycled and put to good use.

We’re the local tree surgeons you can trust.


stump grinding and removal service in Marietta, GA


You know what’s worse than a giant tree encroaching on your property?

An unsightly stump left in the middle of your yard, ripe for you to trip over


That’s why we offer stump grinding and removal service in Marietta, the same day we remove your trees.


You’ll notice a night and day difference in your landscape. And you’ll love it.

With our man power and stump removal apparatuses, there’s no limit what we can do for your leftover chunks of tree.

Seriously. Give us a call today to see why we’re the local company you want handling your Marietta stump removal needs.




More than Trees in Marietta, Georgia

Nothing tops Marietta, Georgia. This city was incorporated in 1852, and has become home to about 60,000 of the the nicest people you’ll meet.

One of our favorite spots is the historic Downtown Square. With it’s beautiful landscaping and picturesque shops and restaurants, visitors from all over fall in love with our little slice of heaven. The Square is also home to some very old trees that we might someday have the pleasure of caring for.

Give us a holler if you ever find yourself in need of Marietta tree specialists.


Todd Pate cutting tree in Marietta

Our Promise To You

Professionalism, courtesy, and honesty. Those are the values we have kept to lay the foundation for a long, successful business in the tree service industry.

You can always count on us to show up on time, and get the job done safely. When it comes to tree removal in Marietta, there really is no one better equipped.

Peace of mind comes naturally when you know that you have hired the best of all the tree service companies in Marietta. Our guarantee to you is that you will always be treated fairly, and we will keep your best interests in mind when it comes to handling your tree needs.

cutting tree with chainsaw in Marietta

Where We Work

Besides the city of Marietta, we also offer professional emergency tree service and tree removal in Kennesaw, Smyrna, Vinings, Mableton, Buckhead, Dallas, Austell, Powder Springs, Hiram, Douglasville, and Atlanta, GA.

Marrieta’s Best Tree Pruners and Tree Removers

Trees are much more than big sticks with little sticks sprouting off of them. They hold memories, and we know that.

Many people hesitate to remove a troublesome tree because it’s been there since they were young, and as they grew, it grew. It served as the “base” for Friday night games of hide-and-go-seek. You hung Christmas lights off it’s lowest hanging branches. Your kids taped their bullseyes to it’s trunk, when it was time to shoot their first bow and arrow.

Here’s the reality though… That tree is getting closer and closer to falling every day. And if you wait too long, you may end up with a bigger problem on your hands– or roof.

Our Marietta tree service is sympathetic to your memories. We know that your trees are a part of your life, and when the time comes to take them down for good, we’ve been known to go the extra mile to try and make those memories last a little longer. For a lot of folks, we cut the tree up into firewood to be used over the winter. For others who are into woodworking projects, we’ve saved the larger diameter sections of the tree for them to be milled into live edge slabs or lumber to be used in building projects, like a family farmhouse table.

​So when it comes time for you to consider removing your big, old trees, make sure you have us in mind. We’re the local tree service Marietta knows and trusts.


See what our past customers have to say:

“I recently had two very large trees removed and could not be more pleased with the job they did. This company is not your typical tree service that drives around soliciting. They are very professional with cordial representatives and congenial workmen. They arrive on time each morning as the job progresses and are extremely efficient and well trained. With the job completed, the clean up is such you hardly know they had been there. I highly recommend this company and will use them again when the need arises.”

– Paul B.

“I had to get them out to get a Leyland Cyprus off of my roof after a storm came through and took out several trees in the area. Todd was extremely professional and easy to work with, and his price was more than competitive given the circumstances. I know I’ll have issues with other trees at some point and next time I’ll know to call these guys.”

– Lanier P.

“Todd and his crew did an excellent job removing a Bradford tree and trimming two others. This is the third time I’ve used him over the last 6 years and will continue to moving forward. His pricing is great, and he and his crew do the work and clean up great.”

– Shawn T.

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