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“Hey honey! Look at all the beautiful stumps in the yard! Aren’t they a great compliment to our landscape?”

There’s a good chance that nobody has ever said that in the history of the world.

Stumps are unsightly obstructions that serve little purpose, unless you’re the type that wants to keep it all year to decorate for Halloween.

Let us grind and remove your stumps for you.

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stump grinding and removal in Marietta


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Why remove a big tree and leave the stump? Doesn’t make much sense.

The curb appeal of your property will suffer greatly if you’ve got stumps everywhere.

Might as well go the extra mile and remove them.

We offer stump grinding service the same day as tree removal Marietta GA.

Maybe you don’t have a whole tree that needs to come down first, that’s no problem. We can come out just to grind it down for you.

We take it down to 8-12″ below grade to provide you with a fresh area that’s a fertile mix of wood chips and tilled soil for replanting.

Take your front or backyard to new heights with a level surface free of stump obstructions.

Thanksgiving day football games will be better than ever.

No more injuries sending Uncle Randy to the emergency room.

The best part– it’s affordable. And more than that– it’s safe.

Our goal is always to provide you, the homeowner, with a fast, professional stump grinding service that won’t break the bank.

Call us today to get a free quote on your stump removal and tree service needs in Marietta, GA.


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We take safety seriously. Both for you and your property, and for our stump grinding machine operators.

There would be nothing worse than a simple job turning into a terrible event.

We keep liability insurance and workers compensation just in case an accident does occur.

Knock on wood– we haven’t had one yet.

We’ve got a flawless track record when it comes to job performance without incident, and we intend to keep it that way.

You can rest easy knowing that we take safety seriously, and that we’ll take all the proper precautions to ensure the job is completed with no issues.

The mission at hand is to show up to your residence or commercial property, and revolutionize your landscape right in front of your eyes.

Your yard will go from ugly and unattractive to beautiful and inviting.

Another thing that most people never stop to consider, is the fact that leftover stumps are a haven for pests to claim as their permanent home.

Termites, bees, snakes, ants… you name it. They all love to make a home out of your wooden blockade.

Nobody wants that. Let’s obliterate your stump.


spotless tree stump removal

♫ Let’s talk about stumps, baby. Let’s talk about limbs and leaves. Let’s talk about all the things that happen when you cut down trees. Let’s talk about stumps! ♫

So after trimming your tree you decided to cut down your tree yourself afterall. Awesome! We commend you for taking the initiative.

But now you’re left with a heinous chunk of wood protruding from your beautiful lawn.

And you don’t want to go out and hack at it with an axe for hours on end.

So at this point, you have a few options.

1. You can ignore it and pretend it’s not there. Your kids will most likely trip over it next time they play “ghost in the graveyard,” and you’ll be on your way to the ER.

2. You can jump on pinterest and find all sorts of ideas for how to decorate it, or make it into a planter, or a fairy garden. But then you might be seen as the neighborhood weirdo that was too lazy to get it ground, and the HOA will have to get involved.

3. Our favorite option… you can give us a call and get the best stump removal Marietta GA has ever seen! We’ll show up on time, and leave you with the freshest lookin’ yard in the neighborhood.

Just ring us. You’ll be glad you did


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